Should I buy tickets from Gigsberg?

If you have never purchased tickets on Gigsberg before then here is what you should know: Gigsberg is a safe secondary ticket marketplace to buy and sell tickets (much safer than other resale sites on the web). There are so many events with delivery delays on tickets nowadays that getting tickets 24 hours before the event is not unusual at all.

How is Gigsberg safe?

Gigsberg uses the most advanced online encryption and other security protocols which are in place on the world’s best ecommerce sites.

Furthermore, Gigsberg thoroughly screens all Sellers who sell tickets on the marketplace. This ensures that their listings are real, and that your purchase is safe and guaranteed.

Does Gigsberg ensure that I get my tickets on time?

Yes. Gigsberg makes every reasonable effort to ensure that when you buy tickets from one of their vetted and listed sellers, you receive your tickets on time and for the price you expected to pay. They even give you a 100% Guarantee that the tickets are genuine and as listed and sold when you buy them. This is a measure that only the best ticket marketplaces offer and actually apply.

What if I am still unsure about buying tickets on Gigsberg?

If you are unsure about buying tickets on Gigsberg’s secondary ticket marketplace, here are some important things to keep in mind. Whether you are unfamiliar with buying tickets online or you are close to the event date and you are worried you won’t get the tickets on time, or if there is some other thought that keeps you from buying tickets on the Internet, you may always contact Gigsberg’s world-class Customer Support. We strive to ensure that all of your questions are answered clearly and promptly, and that you will be satisfied with your experience.